Wrote a book
Released an Open Source Project
After running gulli.com from 1998 till 2008, it was time to write some of the most exciting stories and together with my 2 co-authors after we exited the business. gulli wars™ is a (german) book that tells tales from the early years of the internet, legal fights, internet piracy and community building and we also launched it with an epic launch party, that would lead to many new connections and opportunities... The book itself sold a few thousand print copies despite also being published as a free PDF download and under a CC-BY-NC 3.0-licence.

gulli wars™
Richard Joos, Randolf Jorberg, Axel Gönnemann
Paperback, 256 Seiten, 31 Farbseiten
ISBN 978-3-83704-294-8
Preis: 20,- Euro