Launched a consumer product
Founded a new company
Launched a Website
Volunteered as a Community Manager
Launched Back in the old days of the internet, I launched a hobby website called gulli's World which later became and housed the legendary gulli:board community.

To quote Wikipedia: is an internet portal and board for Germany and regions speaking German, founded in 1998 by Randolf Jorberg. Its themes are internet, IT security, cyberculture, file Sharing, internet privacy, information privacy and intellectual property.

In the beginning the project was only available under steadily changing internet addresses due to problems with illegal contents, but grew into one of the largest German languaged online communities.

In February 2008 was acquired by the Inqnet GmbH in Vienna and the parting team, Richard "Korrupt" Joos, Randolf "gulli" Jorberg and Axel "LexaT" Gรถnnemann published a book named gulli wars in August 2008, talking about the cyber war tales experienced In July 2013 was sold to Gamigo AG.

The board today has more than 1 million registered users. There is also a serious cooperation with companies and hackers concerning net security, such as PayPal in 2011.